10 Ways for more Enthusiasm and Joy into Your Daily Life

10 Unexpected Ways to Bring Enthusiasm and Joy Back into Your Daily Life The universe seems to present more opportunities to people who have a positive mindset and exuberant demeanor. Here’s how you can partake in the abundance. Every now and then, each of us feels a lack of energy and enthusiasm for our daily lives. Bad, little daily habits will, over time, create lethargy. Lethargy – in turn – will create more bad daily habits. Below, are 10 ways to increase enthusiasm! Start implementing them one at a time and eventually you’ll be well on your way to building a cohesive, energized strength in your body. Your daily lifestyle will become healthier.

  1. Start Equating Improved Health and Enthusiasm with Luxury, Personal Freedom and Increased Wealth

What do you need in order to live a healthier lifestyle?
What progress have you made in your health over the last year? It can be helpful in life to periodically do an inventory of your own health. From this point forward, understand that Health = Wealth. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone – therefore, the best investment you can ever make is in your own health!

  1. Sleep More Deeply

Excellent sleep makes excellent health possible. Do one thing to help you improve your average night’s sleep. Just do one thing! For example – Your first thought in the morning is usually the last thought you have had before you went to bed. (we all have had nights when we could hardly fall asleep because of the excitement of waking up the next morning –Christmas eve or going on a vacation) So, consciously decide every night to mindfully create a POSITIVE EXPECTATION for the next morning.

  1. Wake Up Leaner

Paying closer attention to what you eat and drink after 5 pm is a pivotal step toward helping yourself become healthier and waking fresh-faced each morning. Grains and flour seem to be particularly problematic for many people, especially when consumed in the evening.

  1. Design Your Perfect Week

You do not have to let life just “happen” to you. Everybody is given 168 hours each week – you have choices as to how you fill those hours. Action Step: write down a small number of activities that bring you the most happiness.

  1. Decide What Being Healthier Looks Like to You

Each of us defines excellent health differently. For some, being healthier means the absence of disease. For others, being disease-free – while satisfactory – is merely a foundation from which to build to the next level. Action Step: determine what true health means to you personally. How will you know when you are optimally healthy? Be as specific in your answer as possible.

  1. Return to Simplicity

Happiness in modern life is simplicity. Identify what aspects of your typical day seem unnecessarily complicated. Too many distractions create noise and erode serenity (“distractions” are those things that drain our energy, instead of enhancing it). To become consistently healthier, it is essential that we develop the ability to recognize those things (and people) that actually improve the daily quality of our life.

  1. See Time Differently

When you look at your time objectively, you are better able to prioritize your core competencies. Track how you spend your time during an average day.

  1. Become One of the 3% Who Lives a Healthier Lifestyle

Get clear on your current strongest and “not” so strong areas. Action Step: choose four tips from this article in which you believe yourself to be already successful. Next, choose the four that need the most improvement in your daily life.

  1. Stress and Aging Are Identical

But healthy aging is more than just an art; it is a science. Some people under the age of 50 are getting a jump on their healthy-aging protocols and living the longevity lifestyle before their peers do. The longevity lifestyle is a system of living that optimizes your thinking, feeling, and habits so that you can live the longest, happiest life possible. The essential idea is that wellness is true wealth and that when you have optimal wellness, anything is possible – your present, and future, are wide open.

  1. Take 3 minutes to breathe consciously: • notice how you feel in this moment; rate that feeling on a scale of 1-to-10 (10= Awesome) • sit in a quiet place • close your eyes • inhale slowly for a count of 4, expanding your diaphragm (lower lungs) • hold for a count of 4 • exhale slowly for a count of 4
    • hold for a count of 4 • repeat for next 3 minutes • after 3 minutes, open your eyes; notice again how you feel, rate from 1-to-10 • compare your pre-breathing number with your post-breathing number.

Each of us feels stuck, from time to time. This feeling – of being stuck – is a peculiar mood. It’s not depression; it’s not anxiety. It’s a gray, nagging sense that the most is not being made of life – that potential sits fallow, that the brain has switched to auto-pilot. Ideally, a healthy human should be able to sustain prolonged effort – mentally or physically – with a sense of enthusiasm.