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Foods that can cause DNA- inflammation in your body

Long-term inflammation in your body can be dangerous:

• It damages cell DNA, which can lead to cancer. • It increases insulin resistance, which can cause diabetes. • It promotes the growth of plaques in arteries and triggers blood clots, which can cause heart disease.

Risk of chronic inflammation may be higher depending on your diet — sugar, processed meat, and fried foods can all cause inflammation in your body. Limiting these foods can help reduce inflammation and cut your risk of chronic diseases. Here are four common types of foods that cause inflammation.

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5 ways your body can react to over intake of protein

Eating 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is important for a normal human being and is vital for all those trying to stay healthy and fit. The quantity goes up to 1.5 grams if you are trying to shed kilos and gain muscle mass. Increasing protein intake is vital for all those trying to build muscle and lose weight (reduce body fat) because it helps to repair cells and build lean muscle mass. But at times, when trying to add more protein to the diet, people get carried away and add way too much of it without realising that it can negatively impact their health. When it comes to health too much of anything is unhealthy, even protein.

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How to use meditation for your health and wellbeing

What does the word meditation mean?

Does it mean to clear your mind or to make it blank like a white peace of paper? The word meditation has been taken for granted many times and many people think that they “cannot meditate”. Now... that statement is not true due to only one reason: EVERYONE CAN MEDITATE! It is just a matter of I want to meditate or I do not. The rest are…well… just excuses.

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How different types of stress affect our health

Our bodies are well equipped to handle stress in small doses, but when that stress becomes long-term or chronic, it can have serious effects on your body.

The human nervous system releases hormones that give us a sort of boost called fight or flight response. It accelerates heartbeat and breathing, tenses muscles and increases sweating. This reaction is meant to be temporary and in normal conditions the body recovers from it quickly.

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One day, a man was looking for a specific building/place. He came to a nearby shop and asked a local boy, “How far is the “x” building?” The boy scratched his head and said,__ “24,996 miles.”__ The man was shocked. “What? That far?” The boy said, “Yes, the way that you are going. But if you turn around, it is just 2 miles.”

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Add 10 years to your life by just changing your diet (Lifestyle)

Everyone wants to live longer. And we are often told that the key to doing this is making healthier lifestyle choices, such as exercising, avoid smoking and not drinking too much alcohol.

Studies have also shown that diet can increase lifespan. A new study has found that eating healthier could extend lifespan by six to seven years in middle-aged adults, and in young adults, could increase lifespan by about ten years.

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What Are Prebiotics?

Probiotics are naturally found in some foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi and are also commonly taken in supplement form to help support the digestive system. Even though prebiotics affect the health of your digestive system (in a good way) these nutrients are often overlooked.

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5 protein-rich foods to start your day with.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is not just the perfect way to feel awake and alert…it will also ace your productivity as well as fat reduction goals.

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day and making the right choices at the start of the day (if you choose to do so) could lead you towards a healthier way of life. Eating a protein-rich breakfast (if you like having it) is not just a good way to feel awake and alert but also ace your productivity as well as fat reduction goals.

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The spice that lowers blood pressure, prevents cancer and helps you burn more fat.

Cardamom, the spice that lowers blood pressure, is included in the list of the best spices and herbs, and its taste is perfectly complemented by other spices such as cinnamon, anise, cloves or cumin.

Cardamom is rich in protein, carbohydrates and a lower percentage of fats, flavonoids, terpenoids and essential oils. Cardamom seeds also contain essential nutrients for the body such as__ iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, C, manganese and sodium.__

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Why am I Stiff and Sore When I Wake Up?

Following a tough workout, you expect to be sore. Pushing and pulling heavy weights, going for a long run, or performing high-intensity intervals tests your muscles and stresses your joints, so experiencing a little stiffness the next day or two is normal.

But feeling sore right when you wake up, even if you’re not coming off a strenuous workout, is different and can occur for many reasons.

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