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I remember when I was 100Kg...(Full Fat) at that time, I believed that I "should not" eat any sugars or who knows what food "at all" if I wanted to transform my body in any way...based on what I have read in many articles. NOT COMPLETLEY TRUE.

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The ''perfect diet"

Every time I ask on a consultation someone about their diet, it usually sounds like this:

Me: And...what are your eating habits?
Them: "Oh...you know... I'm eating generally healthy... but now I'm trying on this (whatever) diet to see how it goes..."

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The "best" Fitness Program.

I have heard a lot of people that have had tried a lot of Fitness programs (or training stiles) in the hope of losing weight, toning or even growing. Apparently it is "hard" to find one that works best...

Well... It is not exactly like that.

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