Build Your IMMUNITY This Winter Season

Immunity is part of our natural defense system that has the capacity to prevent any foreign substance that could compromise our overall health from disease and deterioration.

It eliminates pathogens- bacteria, viruses, diseases and helps in recovery. What is fascinating is that our body has a memory of the germs it fights, and creates antibodies that ensure you don’t fall sick again. Immunity differs from person to person and can easily be compromised based on the type of lifestyle one lives. It has been observed that during the winters, people stock up on multivitamins and consciously eat healthier, to avoid the common winter flu.

Apparently winter is the season where our immunity is threatened the most, due to poor air quality and change in temperature which results in contracting the common cold and flu.

Since the Covid19 pandemic brought the world to a stand-still in 2020, consumer behavior has taken a 180-degree turn and everyone is looking at immunity with keener eyes. Although vaccinated, the new covid19 variant- Omicron is already in town and has been infecting people in large numbers. Since each body will fight the immunity battle differently, we need to leave nothing to chance and consciously strengthen our immunity.

The most important factor to begin with is, __‘EATING CLEAN’! __

Our daily dietary intake (this means your LIFESTYLE) is responsible for strengthening our overall immunity. Consuming foods rich in natural antioxidants (Vitamins C and E rich foods, foods that are rich in polyphenols) can aid in reducing the impact of stress related oxidants. Subtle changes can be made to our diet without having to compromise on our comfort food. Foods like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon have the capacity to reduce inflammation & help strengthen immunity, especially for winters.