I am "not" a doctor but when it comes to cravings and health, I KNOW one thing: DO NOT "resist" your craving! HANDLE THEM!!!

I remember when I was 100Kg...(Full Fat) at that time, I believed that I "should not" eat any sugars or who knows what food "at all" if I wanted to transform my body in any way...based on what I have read in many articles. NOT COMPLETLEY TRUE. From my experience, you can enjoy ANYTHING that makes you happy at any time of the day and most IMPORTANT... DO NOT feel bad about Yourself when it happens!!! Now... I said: "anything" at "any time"... I do not mean that you can eat, every single day, anything at any time of the day as much as you want and still be 100% healthy and Fit. But you can have a little bit of anything you like, if and when the case.

Depending on your goal ... I recomend that you adjust your diet to your lifestyle and stay as close to Veggies and Fruits as possible!!! Anything that comes from NATURE and is not processed, will give you the right Hormonal Balance (homeostases) so that you can be MENTALLY calm and FOCUSED.

When you crave something (anything), and you believe that you should not eat that (what ever it is) "because...." You are activating your stress response putting the body in a Survival Mode. When this happenss...and it does... (even if you feel it or not) the body will not continue to progress towards your goal, because it thinks that it's going to die. Having a LITTLE BIT of the thing that you craved will diminish the chances of activating the FIGHT or FLIGHT mode and keep you on track towards your GOAL.

Bottom Line, The Food that you Love = 0 Stress = HAPPINESS and that in my opinion, is KEY. I have done (and still am doing) it, all of my clients have (and still are) doing it...Eating the food that we love and we are still having INCREDIBLE RESULTS.