Do you sleep with your phone by the bed? How dangerous is this habit?

Sleeping with your phone next to you can be detrimental to your body's functions and tends to limit your hormone production.
And to validate this claim, a study in Australia showed that there is an important relationship between smartphone use and infertility in men, as well as low sperm quality.

In general, mobile phones emit radiation due to the transmission signal around 900 MHz. For this reason, keeping cell phones close to your head can lead to muscle aches and pains.

LED screens, which are found on mobile phones, tablets and TVs, emit blue light. This is a type that studies have suggested prevents the production of sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupts our circadian rhythms. Although the reason for this is still unknown, it may be due to the fact that the blue light emits waveleng ths similar to daylight. This can lead our bodies to believe that it is day.

Therefore, it is advisable to turn off all electronic devices two hours before bedtime. And if possible, keep your phones and laptops in another room.