Habits to STOP to protect your heart health.

Many of the habits that seem harmless at first, can have a detrimental effect on your heart health. As the body gets older, it can no longer cope as easily with a chaotic lifestyle. Here is a list of habits that you can stop in order to have a healthy heart, but also some tips on how you can improve your diet to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Habits you can stop in order to have a healthy heart

Lifestyle can directly affect one’s health. Certain harmful habits can gradually damage the health of your heart and can lead to cardiovascular disease. Some habits that at first glance seem harmless, but which over time can have a negative impact on the human body.

Smoking One of the main habits you can stop in order to have a healthy heart is smoking. What impact do cigarettes have on the body? Smoking is among the biggest culprits leading to cardiovascular disease. The risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases as you smoke more cigarettes. Changing this habit to a healthier one will help you regain your heart health in the long run.

Consumption of energy drinks and juices One of the main habits you can stop in order to have a healthy heart refers to the consumption of energy drinks and juices. Experts say that energy drinks can lead to high blood pressure, but also to possible cardiovascular disease if consumed frequently. Even if it is not easy to stop consuming such a product, in time your body will thank you. Soda drinks that contain loads of sugar are another danger to your heart's health. Experts warn people to be careful including the consumption of dietary juices. They may also contain a significant amount of sugar. (even if it does not say so on the bottle/can)

Bread Experts say that one of the main habits you can STOP NOW in order to have a healthy heart is to eat bread. Warm bread baskets are attractive and sometimes even tasty. However, eaten at every meal, bread can become the number one enemy of your health. The bread is prepared with the help of white flour that does not contain minerals, fiber or healthy vitamins. Excessive bread consumption leads to a high intake of refined carbohydrates that over time can affect your heart. Refined carbohydrates often lead to heart disease. Even if the warm bread is tempting, maybe next time you will reconsider consuming it at every meal.

Ice cream Even if it seems hard to believe, ice cream is on the list of foods you must avoid if you want a healthy heart. Although it is a nice dessert, especially in the hot period of the year, ice cream is rich in sugar, bad fats and salt. Reducing ice cream consumption over time leads to a significant improvement in your heart's health. If you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then you can start by avoiding this toxin. Of course, consumed in moderation, ice cream can be ideal for some hot summer days.

What to eat for a healthy heart Refined carbohydrates increase the risk of heart disease. The same goes for sugary drinks that contain sugar, but also for foods high in bad fats and salt. If you want to have a healthy heart for as long as possible, you can start by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Not only movement is important in such a situation, but also the diet that you approach (by diet I mean lifestyle). Several studies have shown over time what the impact of healthy eating is on reducing the risk of various diseases, including heart disease. For a healthy heart I encourage you to eat blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and/or blackberries. Berries play an important role when it comes to heart health. They are rich in antioxidants. Studies have shown that eating berries regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to berries, I recommend eating avocados. They are rich in healthy fats that can help lower cholesterol over time. Replacing saturated fats with healthy ones could have a positive impact on your life. Moreover, fish has many benefits in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Other foods you can eat to lower your blood cholesterol are hazelnuts, almonds and cashews. Dark chocolate can also be a good choice (minimum 70%) because of the amount of antioxidants it contains. To this list of heart-healthy foods you can add tomatoes, seeds, beans and peas, as well as drinks such as green tea.

Another EXCELLENT habit that you can include in your lifestyle is the 24-hour weekly FAST. In other words, you choose a day of the week when you ONLY DRINK WATER and coffee (no sugar) or green tea. This approach will allow your body to cleanse itself naturally without the need for too much effort on your part. At first it may be a little provocative but over time it becomes a healthy habit in your life.