Important "rules" for health and longevity

Are you waiting for the doctors to make you healthy?

Many people believe that medicine can cure everything. This is a very dangerous concept. The main task of medicine is to support your life in case of danger, to help you with all available means. However, medicine is not designed to give your health, and less longevity. To build your potential for a long and healthy life, you need to build up energy and help your body grow stronger. This is especially important when the body’s age is over 40. The more the human body tends to age, the more you need to pay attention to it. ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE (ABLE TO RESPOND) TO FILL YOUR BODY AND MIND WITH HEALTH!

Drink as much pure / clean water as possible (not cleaned or purified by processing)

We can live without food for several months, but without water… a human body can go for a few days. (excluding other type of spiritual training) Every day the human body loses a lot of water - when the body sweats or goes to the toilet. This liquid must be refilled. How much water does the body need? This will cause a feeling of thirst and a change in the colour of urine. It should be light yellow. Avoid allowing the urine to be dark yellow. This suggests that the body is dehydrated. It is very important to get liquid in the form of clean water. Drinks such as tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, beer, sugar and alcohol remove water from the blood and cells, thicken the blood and dehydrate the body. In addition, water is needed for the immune system to function and protect against viruses and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Gradually increase the amount of water (quality) consumed.

Get systemic health. It very is hard to improve one thing without improving the other!
Imagine a car. If something breaks down, everything else starts to fall. Also, in our body - everything is balanced and interconnected. For example, if a person's blood pressure rises, it affects all the internal organs, because the blood reaches all of them. When you take blood pressure pills, you worsen blood flow. The blood pressure drops, but the internal organs suffer anyway. That is why it is impossible, for example, to cure chronic kidney failure without normalizing the activity of blood vessels. Feel your body and find its weaknesses. Focus on them instead of focusing on the "disease"! In most cases, it is more effective for any treatment. Everything you think you have is just on paper or in your imagination!

Take care of your heart - it is the central organ of your health!

Literally it all depends on the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Blood has two important functions. It brings oxygen and nutrients to the organs and removes processed products, such as toxins and poisons. When the vessels are inflamed and the heart functions incoherently, this leads to starvation of oxygen and other internal organs. In addition, the elimination of harmful substances is affected. As a result, the tissues of the internal organs begin to deteriorate and age… their functions are lost. All this is fraught with a whole tangle of chronic internal pathologies. Therefore, it is necessary to start the recovery of the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, as they get older, due to the increase in loads, they literally start working on wear.

Walking, not active sports, is good for your health!

Most people are very wrong, considering the sport useful. This is far from the truth. It is true that sport - is something that drains internal resources. All your tissues and cells have their own "resistance reserve", designed for a number of cycles. The more active a person is in sports, the more he spends these resources. Therefore, athletes do not live long and usually increase the number of different injuries over 50 years. If you choose to do sports not for the sake of your career or money, but for the sake of health… well… you are sadly mistaken. But movement is still important and the best for this are considered Walking, Yoga, Qigong or Tai-chi, because they increase blood flow and start the renewal of active cells. Calculate your “maximum” capacity so that when you pass them, you will be on the verge of fatigue (without falling).

Listen to the body. If it wants something it means it is need it!

For example, if the body wants salt, then give it salt! Set aside the advice of those who say it is necessary to limit salt consumption. Yes, it is necessary to reduce its number in the diet, but you can do it without suffering! The body does not ask for anything unnecessarily. If it wants something…that means it is necessary. The same goes for absolutely everything (except bad habits). If you lack strength, let your body rest and accumulate it. If strength does not accumulate, it is necessary to understand why this is happening, maybe there is a hole in your health through which this force flows.

__Clean the blood vessels every 2 years. Without it, all other measures can be in vain! __

Imagine that the vessels are water pipes. As the water flows inside them, the blood flows through the vessels. However, over time, any pipes become clogged with rust. The same thing happens with blood vessels. Only these are contaminated with cholesterol, blood clot mass and calcium deposits. The main preconditions for this are harmful foods, but this is mainly due to the slowing down of metabolism, which is observed in every elderly human being (which is why the problems usually occur after the age of 50). As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for the blood to reach the organs. In response, the heart increases blood pressure. This, in turn, severely depletes the heart muscle (because the heart has to work harder, which is why almost all heart diseases occur), and automatically leads to an increase in blood pressure. This is hypertension. In general, if your blood pressure started to rise with age, then it is not because of old age, but because of clogged blood vessels!


Positive benefits after bleeding:

  • Stabilization of blood pressure (possibility of completely getting rid of high blood pressure)
  • Normalization of blood sugar and Hemoglobin
  • Optimization of lipid metabolism
  • Improving brain function, memory, lack of headaches and migraines
  • Normalization of sleep, elimination of insomnia
  • Increased immunity (resistantce to the viruses in the body)
  • Improving hearing and vision
  • Increased activity, increased work capacity
  • Normalization of pancreatic function
  • Improving kidney function and Many more.