Six Benefits Of The Superman Exercise

Although the superman exercise will not enable you to jump over tall buildings in a single bound nor grant you the ability to soar through the air at the speed of light, it can give you the power to better strengthen your back, improve your posture, and build a better mind-muscle connection.

If you’re looking for a bodyweight exercise to strengthen your posterior muscles, look no further than the superman.

Benefits of the Superman Reduces Low Back Pain Improves Posture Adaptable and Accessible Improves Spine Stability Guards Against Injury Boosts Athletic Performance

  1. Reduces Low Back Pain

Functionally, the superman is an isometric hold, which increases the time under tension. It’s a targeted movement focusing on the muscles in the mid and low back, as well as the glutes.

  1. Impruves Posture

Poor posture can result in back and neck pain, as well as decreased function in the torso. The superman helps to strengthen the erector spinae muscles, which are the muscles that run along your spine. Strong spinal erectors play an important role in maintaining good posture and keeping a neutral spine during heavy loaded movements.

  1. Adaptable and Accessible

The superman movement is a great exercise to teach beginning lifters what extension of the back and glutes feels like. Developing the extension movements of hips, hamstrings, and lower back are vital for strong big three lifts and supermans can be done safely off the floor to help hone in on muscle awareness.

  1. Improves Spine Stability

The superman strengthens the erector muscles that run along the spine. They play an important role in spinal stability and preventing unwanted movement in the lower back. This is handy when your spine is under heavy loads while squatting and deadlifting. The superman also recruits the abdominals, which are important for spine stability.

5.Guards Against Injury

A stronger core and back can help weightlifters, powerlifters, and the average gym-goer prevent injury when lifting heavy loads. Research suggests that core stabilization exercises can help reduce the risk of overall injuries. (4)

  1. Boosts Athletic Performance

One of the larger muscles the superman targets are the glutes. They are responsible for hip stability and helping you walk, run, and stay upright. Glute activation is high in exercises such as the step-up, squat, deadlift, and lunge. These exercises can be important for CrossFitters, weightlifters, and powerlifters who tend to see at least a few of these exercises often. Strong glutes can improve jumping and running performance.

__How to Do the Superman __ The superman seems like a pretty simple movement, but it can be fairly easy to do improperly. Straying from correct form on this move can quickly diminish the benefits it provides. The margin between beneficial movement and just flopping around on the ground is slim, so here’s how to do it right.

Lie face down comfortably on the mat, forehead flat on the ground, and keep your arms and legs outstretched. Squeeze your glutes, low back, and core to raise your arms and feet approximately four to five inches off the floor — or however high you can fly — while keeping your core on the ground. Hold this raised position for three seconds and then lower your hands and feet slowly back to the floor.