The "best" Fitness Program.

I have heard a lot of people that have had tried a lot of Fitness programs (or training stiles) in the hope of losing weight, toning or even growing. Apparently it is "hard" to find one that works best...

Well... It is not exactly like that.

Speaking from personal experience and watching other people transform before my eyes, I can tell you this: Unless you focus on what you want to ACHIEVE and STOP blaming the program (or any other thing in your life) nothing is going to happen to your benefit.

The ANSWER to the question: "what program works best?" is: The ONE that YOU FOLLOW! And by this I mean: The one YOU PERSIST in UNTIL the RESULT happens.

Further more... Have you ever heard of the the saying: "You grow outside the gym?" Well...guess what? It's real. When you focus on your diet as well as your training program, results are inevitable. But when you don't stick to the program and discipline yourself, there is a strong chance for you to get there in triple (or more) of the time you might want to or worse: "you might never get there"

The KEY here is: PERSIST UNTIL.......and here you add your GOAL!

You DO this, and everything in your life will fall into place.