The ''perfect diet"

Every time I ask on a consultation someone about their diet, it usually sounds like this:

Me: And...what are your eating habits?
Them: "Oh...you know... I'm eating generally healthy... but now I'm trying this (whatever) diet to see how it goes..."

All of the other animals on this planet (except humans) HAVE a DIET. Human beings "are on a diet..." It is the word "DIET" that for some reason, has been perceived wrong through out the years.

The word "DIET" (to cut it short) simply means: "WAY OF LIFE!!!" That is it. It does not mean that you "have to" eat in a specific way, for a specific time to lose "x" number of pounds so you can fit in that dress for this specific event.

So, next time you are thinking to reduce a specific number of pounds, remember to ask yourself this: "Am I committed to adopt that specific way of eating for a longer period of time (longer means more than 6 months)? And if not... Be aware of the consequences that may appear when you get back to your LIFESTYLE and "finish" your DIET.