Train for your Metabolic Type!

First of all... what does Metabolic type mean? If you have never heard of the 3 Basic Metabolic Types...Here they are:

  • Ectomorph - Generally tall and skinny not muscular. This metabolic type has specific eating and training habits (LIFESTYLE) which makes things look like "it's genetic" (when it is not) due to his fast metabolism... but this does not mean that he "can not" build muscle just as EASY as everybody else (if and when the case).
  • Endomorph - Generally medium height, very muscular but also chubby. This metabolic type (from my experience) "finds it hard" to keep the body fat % low due to his slow metabolism. Again, it doesn't mean that he can not reduce the body fat % just as fast. COOL right?
  • The Mesomorph is the best of both worlds... meaning that he finds it easy to gain muscle and to reduce the body fat %.

Well... I suppose you can say that. But they all have Up sides & Down sides especially in Performance. So... if your training your **s off to look like Silvester Stallone (Mesomorph) when you have a metabolic type like Bruce Lee (Ectomorph) you might be spinning in circles being demotivated just because you "don't" look the way you probably want.

The GOOD NEWS is that YOU CAN change your metabolic type to look like "x" in your way. How ever...this takes MOTIVATION and most IMPORTANT... are you ready? PURPOSE! If you do not have a STRONG PURPOSE to PULL YOU THRU all the things that you will MOST PROBABLY go thru...than you might just end up with a result that, wont quite make you happy.

In Conclusion... Unless you do not have any other important things to do, I strongly recommend that you ask a professional about your Body Type and start having some PROGRESS NOW!!!