Massive action makes everything happen!!!

You don't need to worry about how everything is going to happen or how many chances you have for success!!

All you NEED to do is the FIRST STEP and leave the rest up to me!

Daniel Vasile Services
Personal Training Daniel Vasile

Personal Training

Find out more about your subconscious (your body) than you ever have before. In 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions, I am with you all the way to make sure you get out of your comfort zone and achive your full potential. You break through your comfort zone and success is inevitable.

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Online Personal Training

Here you discover you own personal power and discipline because without discipline, you can find that you are spinning in circles. This service provides you with all the necessary tools to literally change your body the way you want it and permanently keep it that way and with it, your future.

  • Inspiration & Motivation for you to get started and stay on track on you Fitness Journey
  • Monthly Training programs: Muscle Growth, Strength Development, Toning (definition) or just maintaining a specific physic and good health
  • Diet plan for your specific Fitness goal so you are certain that you get where you want to be
Health and nutrition Daniel Vasile

Health and Nutrition

Your health is all you got to get you through this wonderful experience called life. You want to live your life full of ENERGY & PASSION and the right nutrition is one of the most important factors.

Health Coach Daniel Vasile

Health Coaching

After years of frustration, non-personalized attention and unremarkable results, I learned to heal my self through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. Many times I felt alone and the need to ask for help and guidance but "unfortunately" I had no one to ask so I had to struggle and figure it out myself. Now, because of my life experience I am here to help you in any way I possibly can so that you don't have to go through anything alone.

I strongly believe in the power of "You and I" as well as the "We and Us"

It doesn't matter where you are, where you have been and/or going through or what anybody else is saying...


Sports therapy Daniel Vasile

Sports Therapy

Sport is not just for athletes. Your body was designed to MOVE. As long as you stay active, your body will stay hormonally balanced and you will never have to visit the doctor ever again