What my clients say


The training sessions with you helped me get rid of back pain, from the first day of streching until today(1 year) I haven't had the slightest back pain. Before I went regulary to get massages(once every 3 weeks); I developed my muscles like never before.

I feel great physically and mentally, the training sessions with you help me keep fit.


When I met Daniel, I was overweight and didn’t know how to exercise. I was afraid to be in a gym because I didn’t know what most of the equipment was for. I had never done a squat. But my closest relatives had all died of diabetes and heart disease, and I wanted to avoid the same fate.

When Daniel started training me, I had a lot of false beliefs. For example, I believed that I could not lose weight. I believed I was not strong enough to exercise properly. I believed that my body shape, my flat butt, and my lack of muscle definition were inherited from my family and could not be changed. Daniel helped me prove these beliefs were wrong. He earned my trust and taught me the methods that work on everyone to change ourselves and become healthier, stronger, and leaner.

With Daniel’s encouragement and advice, I lost 40 pounds to achieve a healthy weight. I proved the family flat-butt curse was a lie. I became healthy and energetic. I learned to use exercise to help manage my stress and anxiety. I improved my self-confidence and my positive attitude. All of this helped me get a better job, improve friendships, and to make new friends. But then I found a lump. It was triple-negative breast cancer, a rare and deadly type. It had started to spread. The outlook was poor. The treatment was hard and it would take things from me permanently.

I took six months of chemotherapy. Exercise makes this type of chemotherapy more effective, so I kept exercising through it. I was ill and spent time in the hospital. Still, Daniel continued helping me exercise, even if I could not do much.

Daniel stuck with me through the cancer treatment and afterwards. The treatment caused a variety of temporary injuries, and he always knew how to work around them to keep exercising. He remained a positive voice, encouraging me to eat properly and exercise to stay at my best. I will always be grateful for the help and encouragement he gave me at the worst time of my life.

The treatment successfully destroyed my cancer. But it left me overweight and physically weak. It took months to build up strength so I could do simple things like walk up a slope without wheezing. I have several forms of lasting physical damage. And I will always remember that nearly everyone in my life threw me on the scrap heap when they heard the word “cancer”, but Daniel stayed with me through this. He helped me lose all the weight, cope with the damage to my body, and regain my health again. I look and feel younger now than I did before I got sick. I will always carry the deepest sense of gratitude for the friend who stuck with me and helped me survive and create a better life. I miss him every day.


Hello! First of all I would like to say that through your expertise help me realize the importance of doing physical activities. Also, you make me not quit! I also am aware of how good I fell and look 😁. I definitely have a very very good opinion about you! I highly recommend.


Daniel is my trainer. He creates workouts for me and gives me support and advice via weekly Skype chats. Through his own fitness journey, Daniel is passing on the vast knowledge that he has acquired and I am benefiting from this. It is not just fitness that Daniel helps me with. I get tips on having a calmer/less stressful life and, at 54, I am fitter and happier than I have ever been.


I enjoyed working with Daniel. He was encouraging, knowlegeable and I made great progress in my fitness levels. I would recommend him to anyone.

Radu Paul

After I started working with you I started to see real results.

A very pleasant surprize was the nutrition. I realised how important it really is. Your energy is very special... you encourage me to give my all, and then "another two reps".:)

You are very cool first of all as a human being and also very professional and complete as a coach. I say this because my challenges have changed and you managed to help me achive my goals.

At first I had 120kg and I wanted to be fit. After 5 months I reached my goal of 95kg. Then, I found an idol and want to look just like him... this means going back to 120kg but this time without the belly:)

Currently, I'm on the right path and gaining weight in muscle. In conclusion: whatever your goal is about your body and mind go to Daniel and your success is guaranteed. Are you ready? Perfect, let's get started:)


Professionalism, enthusiasm, this is the attitude I met. I was looking for relaxation, movement, strength. "Going to the gym" not only means movement, but also get my thinking and my lifestyle in order. With your help I began to discover myself, to control my reactions; I understood that the long-term diet is not the best choice, but the control and identification of the real need is the best choice. Moving means modeling, breathing, health. Thank you for all this and I wish many people would understand and benefit from what you can offer! HEALTH!


Dan knew how to push me and get me the results I wanted. I have never been in as such good shape as when I worked out with Dan. Flexible, friendly and well priced, I just wish Dan were still here in London.